Quick Stats
Class: Class M
Quadrant: Alpha
Inhabitants: Vulcans
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets

A Class M planet of much harsher climate than those usual orbiting a binary star system. Vulcan is the home of one of the most well respected species in the galaxy. It is the coveted prize of the Romulan Star Empire, who would like nothing better than to see the ancient homeworld of the Romulans under their dominion.


Vulcan is a Class M planet, with harsh, dry heat and a mostly dessert terrain. The thin air of the planet makes it harder for some species to breathe in its atmosphere. Vulcan is a volitile, untamed world with violent volcanos that reflect the planet's turbulent past.


Vulcan is a charter member of the United Federation of Planets, although internal affairs seem to be dealt with by the Vulcan High Command. The Vulcan High Command is currently struggling to suppress the Vulcan Isolationist Movement, a terroristic group who attack Vulcan's most friendly neighbors with the belief that Vulcan philosophy is being corrupted by their relations.


Vulcans are the inhabitants of the planet that shares their name. Distinguished by pointed ears and eyebrows, Vulcans appear very similar to Terrans, though their similarities end there. Generally three times stronger than Terrans, Vulcans also have minor telepathic abilities which can be improved with training.

The most notable trait of Vulcans are their intense emotions, which resulted in numerous wars in their past. Having adopted the philosophy of Surak, most Vulcans now participate in daily rituals to calm their mind and purge all emotion from themselves, living a life devoted to logic. Because of this, Vulcans have a deep relationship with science, and are known throughout the galaxy for the Vulcan Science Academy housed on their homeworld.

Vulcans may or may not have originated on their current homeworld, however, as various "proto-Vulcan" civilizations have been noted throughout the galaxy. The current Vulcan species may have been seeded to their planet millenia ago by an ancient race.

Vulcans are believed to be the ancestors of the Romulans, who broke away due to philosophical differences. Currently, the Romulans wish to dominate their "cousins", and have concocted ellaborate schemes to achieve such means.


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