"The United Federation of Planets is the most remarkable institution ever conceived." —Judge Aaron Satie

The United Federation of Planets is an organization of over one hundred and fifty worlds and thousands of colonies who take up the majority of the dominating force within the Alpha Quadrant. Although the Federation is filled with hundreds of members, only four races are usually immediately recognized as "Federation": Terrans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites. Their four native worlds were the original, founding members of the UFP.

Politics Edit

Generally very idealistic, the government within the United Federation of Planets focuses primarily on ridding worlds of poverty, crime, pollution, and disease, making life better for everyone. This generally includes a socialistic government with the abolition of death penalties and currency of any kind. The Federation is run by an elected President, as decisions are generally dictated by a ruling council of representatives from member planets.

The Federation has acquired a number of enemies throughout the centuries as they try to spread their influences over broader territories. Although the Klingon Empire are now considered allies, things weren't always this way. Currently, the Romulan Star Empire are at odds, though not war, with the Federation.

For military and exploriation purposes, The United Federation of Planets imploy Starfleet, their branch of organized scientific and militaristic starships and personnel. Employing the technology of member planets to insure the best quality of vessels and equipment possible, Starfleet has become one of the premiere space forces in the galaxy.

The Federation has not been spared of its fair share of criticism, however. Various organizations and non-member planets accuse the Federation of attempting to spread their idea of the perfect world on other cultures, destroying individuality between races and planets within the galaxy, despite the non-interference policy of the Prime Directive imployed by the UFP and Starfleet alike. This is a common complaint from the Maquis and the Vulcan Isolationists, both not surprisingly considered terrorist groups by the Federation itself.

Known Members Edit

The following is a list of planets who are members of the United Federation of Planets who have pages within the Lexicon database.


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