This article talks from the Real World Perspective, and not from the point of view of the Star Trek Universe.

The USS Lexington is a sim taking place on Sundays (9:00 pm EST) in the AOL Chat Room Final Frontier, under the command of Captain Jonas Brent. It was founded in 1999 and was the first IRC sim in the USF.

Current Commanding Officer: Jonas N. Brent

Current Executive Officer: (acting XO) Cameron SanAntonio

Former Commanding Officers: Thom Quell, Captain Robert Clemens, II; Captain Zaphod Fondo; William Styles

Former Executive Officers: Quixar L'ment, Zaphod Fondo, William Styles

The Lexington sim specializes in "Deep Space Exploration" plots, plots with long story arcs spanning many weeks. Story Arcs are Semi-episodic; events from previous sims effect later sims, but there isn't a strict linearity in time... weeks can pass between one sim and the next one week, then the next sim takes place a few minutes later.