Quick Stats
Type: Explorer
Length: 685 meters
Beam: 240 meters
Draft: 88 meters
Mass: 3,205,000 metric tons
Decks: 24 (original configuration), 29 (refit)
Crew Capacity: 700-800 crew
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.975+
Armaments: 16 phaser arrays, 4 forward torpedo launchers, 6 aft torpedo launchers (firing both Photon torpedoes and Quantum torpedoes)
Defenses: Deflector shields

The Sovereign-Class starship has been in service to Starfleet since the late 24th century. It was equipped with some of Starfleet's most updated technological advances. The vessel was one of the new defensive technologies initially intended for use against the Borg threat.

Sovereign-Class vessels in the USFEdit


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