You have manipulated the situation ... with the skill of a Romulan. - Captain Jean-luc Picard

The Romulan Star Empire is an organization of planets controlled by the government of its central planet, Romulus. Bordering the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets, it houses a large collection of planets within the Beta Quadrant under its rule that may not necessarily be inhabited by Romulans, the native species of the Empire's capital planet.

Politics Edit

The Romulan Star Empire is considered untrustworthy by a vast majority of other planets, as their xenophobic attitude and drive to expand their empire has resulted in negative feelings by many. The Klingon Empire generally feels that Romulan Star Empire is politically deceitful and therefor dishonorable, while the Federation has constantly thwarted attempts by the Romulan Empire to either invade the Federation itself, or the planet Vulcan within its boundaries. The Empire remained neutral during the start of the Dominion War, but was eventually convinced to change sides when a key Romulan figure was assassinated, and all evidence pointed to Dominion involvement. In fact, Garek (A former officer of the Obsidian Order) was behind the assassination and the subsequent 'evidence' was planted by Garek to implicate the Dominion. Captain Benjamin Sisko was his unwitting accomplice.

Currently, the Romulan Star Empire is competing with the United Federation of Planets to win the allegiance of the planet Eurilai, whose technology would increase the defence capabilities of either side by millenia. (The Eurilai plot was created by the simmer Heath Rowell.)

Known Members Edit

The following is a list of planets who are members of the Romulan Star Empire who have pages within the Lexicon database.


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