Reflexology is the ancient form of diagnosis and treatment of the body based on the principles found in traditional Chinese medicine (i.e. acupuncture). During treatment, the practitioner stimulates certain points on the feet, hands, and ears, to benefit the person's general health on other parts of the body. It is commonly performed on the feet, but when physical restraints don't allow such, it can be done on the hands or ears.

By applying pressure through a specific form of massage to sites of tenderness or crystalline deposits under the skin, the practitioner stimulates corresponding parts of the body, dispersing blockages in the body's energy flow and invigorating internal organs, which can assist the body's self-healing process. Reflexology is not used to diagnose or cure medical problems or structural abnormalities, but its practice has been successful in treating functional disorders like constipation, headaches, and stress-induced disorders, etc.


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