Quick Stats
Class: Class M
Quadrant: Beta
Inhabitants: Klingons
Affiliation: Klingon Empire

A Class M planet with a greenish hue, Qo'noS (also known as Kronos) orbits around the star named Klingon, which is where the Terran name for the planet's inhabitants is derived. Qo'noS had one moon, Praxis, which was destroyed in an accident in the year 2293. It is the capital planet for the Klingon Empire, with its own capital city being the First City.


Qo'noS is a large, class M world with mainly one large land mass. Its unusual axis tilt causes extreme weather conditions, both hot summers and frigid winters. The planet has been recovering from the ecological damage sustained by the destruction of Praxis.


Qo'noS is governed by the Klingon High Council, which includes a Chancellor and a figurehead Emperor. It briefly experimented with democracy in its ancient history, a period now refered to as "The Dark Time".

Klingons became the enemies of the United Federation of Planets during the militaristic influence over the High Council. Intimidated that the Federation would outpower them, the Klingons and the Federation clashed several times over their history, nearly leading to war. It wasn't until after the cataclysmic destruction of Praxis that the Klingons began to cease their hostile stance towards other races; after the Enterprise-C was destroyed defending the Klingon outpost on Narenda III from a Romulan attack, the Klingon Empire officially began to admire the Federation as an organization of honorable warriors, and the Klingon-Federation Alliance was born.


Klingons are a resilient race who focus much of their daily lives in the pursuit of glory and honor. Much of their bodies are filled with redundant organs and advanced bone structures, making them very formidable. They are generally bronze in color, have thick, pointed eyebrows, and bone ridges on their forehead. In the past, Klingons looked more similar to Terrans after the failed experiment to incorporate Terran "Augment" DNA resulted in the creation of the "Augment Virus" that spread throughout the Empire and altered most Klingons' genetic code. Although the Terrans assisted in helping find a cure for the Virus, the genetic nature caused the augmented members to pass down their afflicted genetic code to future generations. Eventually, a cure would be found to reverse the Klingon genetic code back to its original form.


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