Quick Stats
Type: Attack cruiser (tactical vessel)
Length: 415.43 meters
Beam: 163.67 meters
Draft: 60.43 meters
Mass: 2,100,000 tons
Decks: 15
Crew Capacity: 175 officers and crew
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.998 (Multi-vector: Warp 8.5) (24 hours maximum)
Armaments: 12 type-12 phaser arrays, 12 multi-warhead torpedo launchers
Defenses: Regenerative shield system, ablative armor, multi-vector assault mode

The Prometheus-Class vessels were one of the most advanced starships in service to Starfleet in the late 24th century. They were designed with an unprecedented level of automation, making them one of the most powerful combat ships in the Alpha Quadrant. The multi-vector assault mode was a highly unique feature of the Prometheus-Class, allowing the vessel to split into three semi-independent sections that could each attack an enemy target with massive force.

Prometheus-Class vessels in the USFEdit