Quick Stats
Type: Science vessel
Length: 165 meters
Beam: 81.2 meters
Draft: 31.4 meters
Mass: 110,000 metric tons
Decks: 8
Crew Capacity: 80 crew
Maximum Speed: Warp 8
Armaments: 11 phaser arrays, 3 photon torpedo launchers
Defenses: Deflector shields

Nova-Class starships have been in service to Starfleet since the mid to late 24th centrury. They are a type of Federation Science vessel, specifically designed for short-term planetary research missions.


Since the Nova-Class is primarily designed as a Science and Scout vessel, it is not equipped for long-range tactical missions. Although one of Starfleet's most advanced Science vessels, most of its missions include short-term planetary research and analysis. These missions usually take place after a previously unexplored region has been surveyed by larger explorer-type vessels.

The Nova-Class was first introduced during the late 2360s, as a replacement for its smaller predecessor, the Oberth-Class Science vessel.

Physical ArrangementEdit

Although half the size of an Intrepid-Class starship, the Nova-Class Science vessel has a very similar design. The saucer section has a curved triangular shape with the secondary hull directly attached to its underside. Owing to its small size, the Nova-Class can only accommodate a very small crew compliment of about 80.

Technical DataEdit

The Waverider is a very unique feature of the Nova-Class, similar to the Aeroshuttle of the Intrepid-Class. It is kept in a special docking port on the ventral side of the ship's primary hull.


The Nova-Class's two warp nacelles are attached to the secondary hull; its single impulse drive engine is aligned with the center of the ship's saucer section located at the aft of deck 2.

Landing and Planetary FlightEdit

A Nova-Class has the ability to land on a planet's surface for research. For that reason it's equipped with four landing struts on the secondary hull and designed to maneuver in planetary atmospheres for long periods of time.

Tactical systemsEdit

Although, compared to other Starfleet vessels, the Nova-Class Science vessel has only minimal weaponry and limited defensive phasers and torpedo launchers, the assortment of weapons it does possess do allow the ship to handle many threats on its own.

The Nova-Class has eleven strategically-placed arrays: eight phaser arrays on the saucer and three on the secondary hull, two forward-facing photon torpedo launchers at the bow of the saucer opposite of the secondary deflector, and one aft-facing launcher.

Deflector systemsEdit

The Nova-Class has a deflector shield for defensive purposes; its shield grid is located along the secondary hull. The deflector can be fully recharged after charging the shield emitters for 45 minutes. However, the shields have to be dropped to complete this task.

Like most other Starfleet ships, Nova-Class vessels are also equipped with a navigational deflector a the bow of the secondary hull. A secondary deflector on the saucer section can be used as a substitute in case the main deflector gets damaged or disabled.

Nova-Class vessels in the USFEdit


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