New Halana
Quick Stats
Class: Class M
Quadrant: Gamma
Inhabitants: Halanan

New Halana is a planet terraformed by Gideon Seyetik, a Federation professor. By the 24th century it had become the new homeworld of the Halanan species, who for undisclosed reason had to leave their former homeworld, Halana. According to Professor Seyetik, New Halana was a "paradise" by the time he was finished with his work.


There are 4 continents and 3 major oceans on the planet of New Halana. The overall climate is temperate, between 20 - 28 degrees Celsius all year round, which allows for no icecaps to form on the polar regions. Most continents are covered with green plants and a few mountainous regions, a couple have large beaches along their western shores, and there exists one small desert on the largest one.


Local matters are handled by tribal leaders in their respective cities. On a national scale, those tribal leaders report to a council of seven elected leaders located on the third continent in the capital city, Maasu Roz.


Halanans are for the most part fairly dark skinned people with double pointed ears, similar to those of Vulcans. They possess amazing mental abilities and can live for well over 100 years.


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