Quick Stats
Type: Explorer
Length: 442.23 meters
Beam: 318.11 meters
Draft: 130.43 meters
Mass: 3,309,000 metric tons
Crew Capacity: 750 officers and crew
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.6 for 12 hours (STD); warp 9.9 for 12 hours (uprated)
Armaments: 7 phaser arrays; 8 type-10 phaser emitters; 3 photon torpedo launchers
Defenses: Deflector shields

Closely related in design to the Galaxy-Class, the Nebula-Class vessels came into service in the second half of the 24th century. Major changes in design were implimented by the year 2374, making the ship's hull and deflector dish more Galaxy-Class styled. Several of the refitted Nebula-Classes had part in the assault to stop the Dominion and the Breen from driving the Federation Alliance out of the Chin'toka system.

Nebula-Class vessels in the USFEdit


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