Kedi Gibian
Quick Stats
Image of: Zidane Sothyious, a Havarix
Species name: Kedi Gibian
Homeworld: Kedi Gibi (Class M, bigger than Earth)
Type: Sentient Humanoid/Feline


Kedi Gibians are a tall, bipedal Humanoid/Feline species, reaching an average height of between 6 - 7 feet. Their entire body is covered with short fur (bluish-black for males and orangy-beige for females) that sports a distinct pattern of stripes (black to silver for maled and brown to sienna for females) for each individual. Kedi Gibian also have a prehensile tail (about 2 feet long), retractable claws, and cranial hair of various lengths and colors (not gender specific).

On the average, members of this species live about 150 (earth) years and possess roughly double the strength of Humans. Due to their feline nature, they also have outstanding agility, highly developed hearing, and night sight (can see in almost total darkness).

1% of the population are mutations with wings, called honorarily the Havarix.

Science and TechnologyEdit

Kedi Gibians are a warp capable species, although they will not take their ships much outside their own starstystem and are not particularly interested in any conquest of new worlds.

They also have developed other advanced technology in various secular fields.

Society and CultureEdit

The Kedi Gibian government is headed by a King called the Shim'Az, who is commonly not a Havarix, but can be. Should he be a Havarix (which only happens every so many generations), he is then called the Kedi'Shim'Az. The Queen, however, is only a spouse with no ruling power.

The King is protected by an Honorguard called the Azimos Guardians, which is made up of only Havarix. He is also the head of the Imperial Navy, which is relatively small, only around 20 ships.

Most of the population are commonors (traders, craftsmen, artists, etc.), some are rolyalty, diplomats, and military.

Kedi Gibian culture resembles that of Earth's Turkish culture, with similarities in clothing, food, and housing. Their cultural standards are based on an imperialistic rulership, with the King being above all as ruler and cultural head of Kedi Gibi.


Although, their military structure is not extensive, the Kedi Gibians are known in history as warriors. They have fought the neighboring planet of Trakia for over a hundred years. The war ended in a stalemate, when both sides agreed to a peace treaty and finally an alliance.

Despite being one of the first species to discover warp technology as well as transwarp technology, Kedi Gibians have refrained from exploring and/or exploiting their knowledge to spread into other starsystems or conquer other races.

On SD 237607.31, the Kedi Gibian government came to the decision to join the Federation, and in the process sending Imperial officers to Starfleet Academy as a sign of goodwill (including one Havarix, Zidane Sothyious).