Quick Stats
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Species name: Karrack
Homeworld: Karrack (BTS-471663-4), Class M
Type: Sentient Insectoid

This giant, yet unaggressive, Insectoid species had been enslaved because of their peaceful nature.


The Karrack are sentient Insectoids with six legs and an ant-like body structure. They can walk upright or on their four hind legs, with their average height/length being about 1.2 meters. Karrack are mostly dark, blackish-blue in color and have an exo-skeleton. They have great body strength, but are normally non-aggressive and peaceful beings.

Communication is accomplished in non-verbal form, telepathically between each other by the touching of antennae. They also use pheromones similar to Earth's ant species to relay basic messages.

Science and TechnologyEdit

Since the Karrack are a pre-industrial species, they do not have any known technology, but rather rely on primitive tools and their own strength.

Society and CultureEdit

The Karrack live underground in an expansive tunnel system as a highly organized, pre-industrial community of tireless workers serving a queen. The queen is slightly larger than the workers (1.5 meters in length), and has full telepathic abilites, being able to communicate with members of her own and other species without physical contact.


First contact by a Federation vessel was established by the USS Lothlorien on Stardate 200611.10 .

Nauross Anwir, a freelance trader, discovered the Karrack and their abilities during a mining expedition to the planet. He remained on the planet, enslaving the Karrack and using them to build Karrack Station, a trading station for rare and illegal technology. A giant, glowing crystal was given to the Karrack queen by Anwir; it was used control the minds of Anwir's customers so they would obey subconciously whatever suggestions the queen placed in their minds.

The USS Lothlorien, during a routine exploratory mission, encountered the station. After beaming down to visit the station and discuss possible trading, a Science party was sent to explore the surface of the planet surrounding Karrack Station. Upon reaching a force field prohibiting entry to a restricted area, one member of the science team fell into a hole and was carried away by the Karrack. The away team followed, and eventually came to the queen's chamber, where Security from Karrack Station captured them.

Meanwhile, the Karrack queen was using the mind-control crystal to convince the Lothlorien's Counselor to send transmissions to Karrack Station from the Lothlorien, containing technological readouts of the starship and other Starfleet technology. After escaping from the guards, the away team captured Anwir, taking him into custody, and was able to free the Karrack from his oppression, destroying the mind control crystal in the process.