Quick Stats
Class: Class M
Inhabitants: Karrack

Karrack was named after its only sentient inhabitants, an ant-like species called the Karrack.


Karrack is a Class M planet with plenty of water and a jungle-like environment. Temperatures are rather temperate, however, for the densely forested surface. A rich and diverse plant life flourishes in the warm temperatures. Rich deposits of topaline and zenite can be found on the surface, and traces of the element hytritium are also present.

Many large insects are common on the planet, too. There are thousands of smaller flying ones, crawling ones, etc., but no other kind of animals, like mammals. Several of the insects are much larger in size than those commonly found on Earth for example, but not as big as the planet's only sentient species, the Karrack. Some of these smaller insects, however, can be quite hostile, much different from the Karrack.


The Karrack are a non-hostile species, living in a hive-like community ruled by a Queen. The Queen has full control of every Worker in the community and is obeyed without question, since she always looks out for the hive's best interest. They possess no weapons and only defend themselves by the use of their enormous body strength.


The most developed (sentient) species on the planet are ant-like Insectoids called the Karrack. The Workers are about 1.2 m in height, but the Queen is a bit bigger, about 1.5 m. They are dark blackish-blue in coloring and capable of walking upright, but also on all six legs. A Worker lives on average 30 years, the Queen lives 3 times as long, about 95 years.

Individual members communicate with each other in a sort of telepathic way by touching their antennae, but only the Queen is a true telepath. She can communicate with many Workers at one time, without the need of touch, and is capable of communicating with other species.

The Karrack live in underground hives connected through many tunnels. These tunnels have plenty of brizeen nitrate stored (a byproduct of the ants' activities), which is a fertilizer. They are tireless and competent workers, with great strength and endurance.