Hlaoa Zaiba'ny
Quick Stats
Born: Nom
Species: Lagiers (pron. Lah-gee-urs)
Age: 18
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 152 lbs.
Haircolor: N/A
Eyecolor: Black ("white" of eyes is yellow)
Skincolor: dark purplish-blue
Gender: female
Polarity: Negative ("ny")
Marital Status: single
Parents: Edzett Zaiba'ny and Hhati Zaiba'os
Siblings: Gyors Zaiba'os (younger brother, 16), Ujo and Uje Zaiba (younger twins, 8)

The highly intelligent but haughty and headstrong young alien female comes from a rather unknown species and was brought up with rigid military discipline.

Personal History Edit

Hlaoa was born on the 3rd day of Arrix in the year of Coslaz the Mightly. She lived a protected live, being raised as the privileged child of the Head of the Nom Military School. Her father, Edzett, was particularly proud of her since she turned out to carry a negative charge just like himself.

But even before that, she had a way of wrapping her father around her little finger. He granted Hlaoa her every wish, adding haughtiness to her already headstrong and independent attitude. In short, he treated her like a princess, and she developed the view that everyone and everything was subject to her whim, that everyone else was beneath her, that the universe revolved around her.

In time, the bad attitude was fueled by her exceptional intelligence and grew even further during her teenage years. Some would call her pompous, arrogant, or even rebellious, but her father encouraged her behavior and views, feeling that his daughter had turned into a strong woman that wasn't easily fooled by sentiments or emotions.

In light of his trust in Hlaoa's strength, he personally picked her to accompany a military student, Okuyan Nucen'os, to Earth to attend Starfleet Academy, after the Lagiers had joined the Federation. Okuyan was to be the first student participating in an exchange program with Starfleet, due to his open-mindedness. Edzett, however, didn't really trust Okuyan because of this quality and wanted someone he knew was virtually incorruptible to keep the young man in line and be his feeding companion. He believed his daughter to be perfect for that role.

Starfleet History Edit

Hlaoa, though less than thrilled at the prospect of being in such close proximity to this lowlife (as she thought of Okuyan), took the assignment to show off her superiority and dependability to the highest governmental agencies. When leaving Nom with Okuyan, little did she realize what she had gotten herself into...

Starfleet Academy Edit

Additional Information Edit


The "ny" suffix is added to the name to convey the negative polarity; the "os" suffix is added to convey the positive polarity; young children have no polarity until they reach their teenage years, and therefore their last name doesn't reflect a suffix yet.

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