Havarix is the honorary title given to the 1% of Kedi Gibians with the rare mutation of being born with feather-covered wings. The expression literally means "Conquerors of the Air".

A Havarix's wing span can be anywhere between 14 to 16 feet, depending on the overall size of the individual person. The wings colors depend on the natural coloration of the rest of the Havarix's body. Althoug a common Kedi Gibian is already faster and more agile than the average Human afoot, the Havarix achieve even more agility in the air, with top speeds ranking around 60 - 70 mph. Most Havarix feel more at home in the air than on the land.

Besides their uncommon aerial abilities, the Havarix also possess a special ability, called Geomagnetic Sensory. This makes them aware of naturally and artificially existing Magnetic Fields.

Havarix have the added honor to be the sole members of the Azimos Guardians, a protective unit for the Kedi Gibian king, called the Shim'Az. The obvious reason being their enhanced abilities.