The Executive Officer (XO) or First Officer is second in command of a Starship or Space Station and usually holds the rank of Commander or above (although there can be exceptions). The XO assists the CO in leading the ship/station and acts out the Captain's orders or gives him advise at times. He/she usually leads any Away Team missions, while the Captain remains on the ship/station (of course, there are exceptions, at the CO's discretion). The XO's ultimate responsibility though lies with the crew, serving as a liaison between the CO and the crew members (being concerned with the crew's welfare above all).

The XO is expected to be a support for the CO in running the SIM. He or she will assist in managing the group, coming up with plot ideas, and running the SIM in the CO's absence. There are no specific defined duties, and each hosting pair will find a system that works best for them. Hosting duties that may be assigned to the XO include: preparing and maintaining the crew roster, keeping track of attendance and log writing for promotion purposes, and dealing with crew issues that come up. The XO and CO should work as a team to make decisions and handle issues, although the CO always has final say.

List of XOs in Star Trek seriesEdit

  • Spock (TOS)
  • William T. Riker (TNG)
  • Kira Nerys (DS9)
  • Chakotay (VOY)
  • T'Pol (ENT)

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