The Counselor is usually an officer trained in psychology and responsible for the mental health of other officers and civilians (on vessels or other installations). Most of the time this position is held by a Senior Officer with considerable experience (although that need not be so in a simulation setting).

A Counselor serving on a Starfleet vessel can also serve in a diplomatic role, advising the Captain in a multitude of situations (i.e. first contact, etc.). In addition, just as the ship's Chief Medical Officer, the Counselor also has the power to relieve other officers (including the Captain) of duty if he/she feels that the person's condition may compromise their ability to perform their duties effectively.

In USF simulations, Counselors are at times listed under the medical department and report to the CMO as their Department Head; in others, however, they might exist independent of such other departments and fall under direct lead of the Command Staff.

Not all Counselors are required to wear standard Starfleet uniform while on duty (that is left up to the Commanding Officer's discretion).

List of Counselors in Star Trek seriesEdit

  • Deanna Troi (TNG)
  • Ezri Dax (DS9)


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