The following list is a basic sample roster for the Departments and Crew Members posts of a Starship/Space Station (simulation or otherwise).

For more information and guidelines on general positions in Star Trek simulations, please refer to articles in the Simming Guide category.

Basic Starship/Space Station DepartmentsEdit

The following departments commonly exist on any ship/station within Starfleet (or the USF).


With the success of the mission in their hands, the Command Staff has the responsibility to guide and direct the rest of the crew.

Commanding Officer (CO)

Executive Officer (XO)

Second Officer (2XO or 2O)


The Operations Department coordinates and manages different department assignments and system usages on a ship/station.

Chief of Operations (COOPS or OPM)

Assistant Chief of Operations (ACOOPS or AOPM)

Operations Officer

Communications Officer


The helmsman is responsible for keeping the ship on course and implement evasive maneuvers in battle situations.

(many times listed under the Operations department)

Helm Officer (HO)


The Engineering Department keeps the ship/station and all its many systems running smoothly.

Chief Engineer (CEO or CENG)

Assistant Chief Engineer (ACEO or ACENG)



The Security Department is responsible for keeping the peace inside a ship/station, doing security patrols or guarding prisoners.

(many times combined with Tactical)

Chief of Security (COS or CSEC)

Assistant Chief of Security (ACOS or ACSEC)

Security Officer


The Tactical Department is responsible for keeping the peace outside of the ship/station, controlling offensive weapons such as phasers and torpedoes, or defensive mechanisms such as shields.

(many times combined with Security)

Chief of Tactical (CTAC)

Assistant Chief of Tactical (ACTAC)

Tactical Officer


The Medical Department makes sure that all crew members stay healthy and alive during peace times, as well as in the heat of battle.

(sometimes combined with Science)

Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Assistant Chief Medical Officer (ACMO)

Medical Officer

Head Nurse

Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH)


The Counselor is responsible for the mental health of all crew members.

(many times listed under the Medical Department)



The Science Department serves as the eyes and ears into the marvels of the greater universe.

(sometimes combined with Medical)

Chief Science Officer (CSO or CSCI)

Assistant Chief Science Officer (ACSO or ACSCI)

Science Officer

Specialized DivisionsEdit

The following devisions are specialized sections that might exist on ships/stations within Starfleet (or the USF).

Research & DevelopmentEdit

Research & Development is charged with creating and applying new technologies for use throughout Starfleet.

Chief of R&D (CRD)

Assistant Chief of R&D (ACRD)

R&D Officer

Starfleet Intelligence (SFI)Edit

Starfleet Intelligence is keeping a keen eye on our neighbors in the galaxy.

Chief of Intelligence (CSI)

Assistant Chief of Intelligence (ACSI)

Intelligence Officer


Starfleet CommandEdit

Starfleet Command is the operating and managing authority over all Starfleet ships and stations.

Fleet Representative (FLTREP)