Quick Stats
Born: Space, onboard the USS Lothlorien
Species: Halanan/Luzoga
Age: Unable to keep track of with accuracy (BD 0703.02)
Height: 20" (51.8 cm) at birth
Weight: 9 lbs. 2 oz. (4.15 kg) at birth
Haircolor: black (curly)
Eyecolor: dark brown
Skin: brown
Gender: Male
Parents: Maha (mother); HoS (father)
Siblings: None

The unusual child born to Counselor Maha onboard the USS Lothlorien (in the TL) grows at an accelerated rate, about 1 year per day. Lovable, smart, and cute, he has stolen the hearts of many officers on the ship.

Personal HistoryEdit

Atuanya (meaning “surprise”; nicknamed Atu) was born 7 days after his virgin mother, Counselor Maha, was found to be pregnant by an, at that time unknown, alien being (presumably an energy lifeform). The pregnancy progressed at an accelerated rate of about a month per day and after only 10 days Atu was born. After his birth, his growth accelerated even further to about a year per day.

Dr. Rejax, the CMO of the Lothlorien, had been monitoring Maha ever since the pregnancy was discovered, and theorized that the boy's unusually fast growth most likely was connected to the unknown percentage of alien DNA in Atu, which seemed to increase with time (99% Halanan/1% alien at birth; 97% Halanan/3% alien the next day).

Besides the rapid growth, however, it remained to be seen at that point in what way this alien DNA would affect Atu in the future. Dr. Rejax assured Maha that her child was healthy, aside from his unusually fast development, and was monitoring the situation carefully.

Within the next 30 days, great changes took place in the boy. Atu discovered that he had some unusual abilities, such as being able to make his whole body glow and levitate above the ground at the same time. He was also capable of seeing some sort of colorful aura around people that gave him insight as to the inner nature of the person (good or bad). After his DNA had fully changed (closing in on 30 days), he transformed into a luminous ball of light that could generate massive amounts of energy and travel through solid matter. Despite this transformation, Atu was still able to revert back to his humanoid shape.

The mystery of his origin and species was finally solved when his father HoS, a Luzoga, returned to the Lothlorien to claim his child. After an unpleasant first encounter, Atu decided to go with his father to the Luzogan home. His mother Maha and the rest of the Lothlorien's crew were saddened by the decision, but understood his need for self-discovery and knowledge about his people.

Additional InformationEdit

Despite his alien DNA, young Atuanya appeared to look fully Halanan with the standard physical attributes of the race (i.e. pointed ears). He apparently also possessed empathic and tetepathic abilities from birth (communicates with his mother in that way).

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